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Thursday, 15 March 2012 08:17

As a member of either the California Concrete Pumpers Alliance (CCPA) or the California Construction Trucking Association (CCTA), you have a great advantage--the benefit of timely knowledge relating to many rules and regulations and how they apply to your operation. Few would argue that the constantly changing regulations and government policies are overwhelming for any one person, and if you are reading this, I’m assuming that you ‘re probably a member and will be able to reap the rewards earned through the work of a number of people who devote a great many hours to decoding and focusing on how rules and regulations will be applied to you as a business owner.

“If you have ten thousand regulations  you destroy all respect for the law.”
- Winston Churchill

You have many options available to you regarding a responsive strategy to these many regulations. By reading the information provided here and on our websites and thinking about how they will intrude on your livelihood you can make informed decisions. It’s likely you will first roll over and put the pillow over your head and toss and turn for awhile and then get up angry, or worse, you will move to a mental state of defiance and anger – and who in your shoes could blame you? Eventually you will revisit the information and begin to develop your own strategy. You can decide to do everything required or some of what is expected, or you may decide to “go rogue” and do nothing, it’s still America (although California does not seem to be part of it any longer) it’s all your choice at least for now.

Whatever you choose, you will have the advantage of knowledge and a good understanding of the rules (CARB rules) you are being subject to these days. This publication has kept you informed about these rules and also the latest ideas from the government on how they intend to enforce the many different and complex schemes they dream up to save the children and planet from imminent doom.

By now you are or should be informed on the costs for not complying with CARBs regulations. When making decisions you can use the data and ideas we have provided. At the time I wrote this, I think I was still in America, and still have the choice of compliance, or not. My big advantage is that I know the costs to comply (sounds like the Borg) depending on my decisions.

People who don’t know the rules don’t know about how the rules are likely to be enforced, and don’t know the costs of their uniformed decisions – they are clearly at a severe disadvantage. They may learn all three aspects of this scheme at one time – hopefully if they are not a member and your competitor!

I can almost guarantee this learning experience will come at the worst possible time and the worst possible place for them. When this happens, they will act badly and use harsh language in a loud voice. It will do little to extract a drop of mercy from the zealot enforcers. The uninformed are their favorite source for nourishment, a nice plump scofflaw ripe for the picking. Had they been informed, they could have made decisions that would have avoided their being plucked so easily by this establishment.

I’m not suggesting anyone do anything they shouldn’t do or anything they will regret, but I am suggesting the advantages of being a member and informed are pretty valuable and sometimes we forget how valuable until we see our competitors name on the CARB enforcement website with a $30,000 fine and statement about how their pollution is killing children and the AARP crowd – yaa that’s me too!

In my industry, I have been in many situations where emotions drove the decision-making. The enviro enforcers do not know with whom they were dealing with and really don’t care. When they come knocking, I think you know how that scenario works out and who learns what.

This is a complex and shifting conflict we are engaged in, we will prevail but we need to remember there really is strength in numbers and knowledge, and we can provide both!



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