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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 12:57

This last month I attended my first meeting at the Port of Oakland, which included representatives from the truck working group, the port, the shippers, the teamsters and longshoreman trades plus the drayage industry.

The concept behind these meetings is to keep the port running smoothly and for the players to stay informed. The Port of Oakland is ranked third in West Coast shipping volume behind Long Beach and Los Angeles in terms of shipping and transportation generates about 14 percent of our state’s economy, so it’s a big piece of the pie.

There were about 20 people at the meeting, which started at 5 pm in Port of Oakland building at Jack London Square. This group meets monthly to discuss operations at the port. There seems to be an ongoing tension among the ILWU, Teamsters and the Operators with the Port acting as referee. Not much wiggle room. The shipping companies led by the Chinese are going to stop providing chassis for the containers starting in June. How that will work out I don’t know and it was not discussed. There are approximately 1400 drayage trucks operating from the port, plus long haul-trucks involved.

There is a group trying to get permission to haul overweight containers on the streets. They claim that Caltrans has no opposition as long as bridges, structures are not involved. That would only be possible on city or port streets. I doubt they would ever get permission to travel on state routes. They are proceeding on the same idea in Portland and Seattle.

Yes, CARB was there too

Paul Jacobs, chief of mobile enforcement for the California Air Resources Board was a guest speaker.  Jacobs told me that they are still processing registrations and have not really ramped up enforcement yet, soon, but did not say any more. He did say he had noticed a number of CT decals in his travels.

He gave his power point presentation and had no real questions from the group. He pointed out that they were not having problems with violations with drayage trucks, DPF’s and smoke testing. That surprised me but there was no grumbling and no big numbers for violations. There was an enforcement guy from Bay Area Air Quality Management District and I talked to him about help for portable engine trailer pumps. He is getting me names at his office on who to talk to.

I was given a couple of minutes to introduce CCTA and I also mentioned I had some magazines if anyone would like one. I got cards from three prospective members in exchange for magazines, so don’t ever say our magazine is worthless.

Eric Saur from CTA was there, he and I work on the Caltrans heavy haul committee. Also a fellow from some West Oakland citizens group wanted to know if I would meet with them to work on emission rules for the upcoming development of the old Alameda Naval Air Station. I agreed, better to influence the rules at the start than live with what they conjure up.

The next meeting for this group is in May, I will likely attend. They have really good cookies.



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