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Friday, 16 December 2011 10:36

A Not So Wonderful Ending

I just finished the main briefing of the staff at my winter palace. There is much to be done in preparing for the many galas, balls, and festivals we hold for the winter solstice. The trails must be groomed and the tack for the carriages cleaned and polished. The groundskeepers grumble about the difficulty of keeping the fountains operating in the cold and polishing all the statuary. Housekeeping staff is especially difficult this time of year, and I wonder if I will have to reduce their remuneration even more to extract obedience.

CARB’s Portable Diesel Powered Engine Rules PDF Print E-mail
2011 Articles
Monday, 21 November 2011 13:11

Affects Concrete Pumpers and Others

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has three main regulatory classifications for their diesel powered engine rules: Off-Road, On-road Truck & Bus and Portable Equipment. We will try to explain the basic portable equipment rules or (PERP) in this article, a CARB rule that dates back to early 1997. The Board originally approved the statewide PERP regulation on March 27, 1997, and subsequently amended it on December 10, 1998, February 26, 2004, June 22, 2006, March 22, 2007, and December 11, 2008.  For the detailed history of the program go to the CIAQC’s website or this link:

On CARB’s website, it says, “Owners or operators of portable diesel engines and certain other types of equipment can register their units under (CARB’s) Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) in order to operate their equipment throughout California without having to obtain individual permits from local air districts.”

Fairy Tales Can Come True PDF Print E-mail
2011 Articles
Wednesday, 12 October 2011 10:00

Many of us are enduring a real long drought when it comes to work, income, and prospects for improvement. Personally, I am one of you; I know that jobs in California are as rare as a coherent government policy. The outlook is better if you can survive, and I do mean survive, for another 14 months or so. I’m optimistic that voters will act on what their bellies and bank accounts demand and finish the changes they began last November. Reality can focus the mind, even for Jerry & The Takers.

Cap & Trade, an Iceberg in Disguise! PDF Print E-mail
2011 Articles
Friday, 16 September 2011 08:43

CARB Hearings a Circus of Zealotry

I attended a CARB AB 32 related meeting on August 24th in Sacramento. The only item on the agenda was “Analysis of Scoping Plan Alternatives.” In plain English, CARB’s plan to address California’s majority voters commitment to cap and trade, all part of the effort to stop man-made global warming and rising oceans. Oops, that’s right, the global sea level this summer is a quarter of an inch lower than last summer, according to NASA scientists, in sharp contrast to the gradual rise the ocean has experienced in recent years. Apparently, more rain and snow are accumulating on land and the Antarctic and its sea ice extend more than normal. So, who cares about facts? Texas is burning up!

My middle-leaning fellow attendees and I expected that the lawyers and advocates for the Green Industry, the NGO’s, and nonprofit green groups of every shape and size with earth-friendly acronyms for names like the NRDC, ALA, EDF, FOE, WWF, and of course the CRPA and AIR, would probably steal the show. There seems to be more of these save-the-planet groups than businesses in America these days. This must be the green job growth that Obama and the left have been promising! I also expected lobbyists from the renewable energy industry—windmills and solar panels along with their backers, mostly utilities and venture capitalists—all of whom actually have very little personal capital in the game in comparison to the taxpayer. Of course, the legal industry attached to all of the above was circling for an opportunity to lobby their wares and feed off the euphoria.

The Sun King’s Hopes Dashed by the Electric Ride PDF Print E-mail
2011 Articles
Thursday, 11 August 2011 10:17

We have been following a “moonbeam” in California, and it has now evolved into a “Sun King.” The original Sun King was King Louis XIV of France. He reigned for 72 years (1643-1715), and during 54 of them he personally controlled France’s government. During his reign France became the ideal culture, since he put great care into its enhancement so he could boast it to the world. He chose the sun as his emblem because it was associated with Apollo, the god of peace and arts who gave life to all things and regulated everything as it rose and set. He vacated earth in 1715 after arguably spending lavishly during his entire reign.

The Palace of Versailles is one of his fancy bungalows that many people visit to see how the other half lived. It is important to remember that even France thought this type of governance and extravagance needed to end, and so it did 75 or so years after his death.

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