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Wednesday, 12 October 2011 10:00

Many of us are enduring a real long drought when it comes to work, income, and prospects for improvement. Personally, I am one of you; I know that jobs in California are as rare as a coherent government policy. The outlook is better if you can survive, and I do mean survive, for another 14 months or so. I’m optimistic that voters will act on what their bellies and bank accounts demand and finish the changes they began last November. Reality can focus the mind, even for Jerry & The Takers.

There are many reports in the news about California possibly running out of money sometime between late October and late November of this year. We all know that the State and most local governments are out of money now, but the “journalists” want to be kind to their allies. Out of money, no credit, and no one left to lie to. We are billions upside down, and the debt news just keeps on getting worse Yes, we did just get some low rates on some general fund bonds, but that is more because the investment community has very few options. How ironic that Wall Street turns to government for someone to trust. In the future it will be convenient for locating the both of them.

It has bothered me for a long time that these creatures, politicians, seem so incapable of understanding what is required of them and what the consequences for ignoring their responsibilities should be. I thought maybe they were stupid or ignorant or lazy or had bad habits that they refused to get treated. Certainly these descriptions apply to many of them, but not all. You can’t do much about stupid, you cannot possibly stay that ignorant that long, and if you are that lazy, your bad habits will kill you rather quickly or at least get you an orange jump suit. It has to be something else.

The answer is, of course, simple. It is because they are so very smart—really smart, smarter than all of us combined! When they were children their family and friends told them they were smart and handsome or pretty or both handsome and pretty. When a gathering was called they would work the room and get all the platitudes and pats or occasionally more. What they never understood is that they were expected to grow up and realize that those compliments are only meant for children. As they grew up, they gravitated to likeminded individuals and never had to leave such a gratuitous environment. All they ever heard was “I like you, you like me.” That’s why all government meetings feature a generous amount of time for praise and compliments. In fact, better no meeting at all than to forego mutual admiration.

We all know some of these people. They are like vegetables on a dinner plate; they are interesting and a brief diversion from the task at hand. And we, being adults, know a blend of individuals and ideas is what causes progress and a civil society.

These hothouse flowers with a penchant for self-admiration cultivated by their likeminded parents are expected to go to college, where they will be fine-tuned and polished for their life of exceptionality and exclusiveness. But what should their pose be?

In the real world, people who actually do things are held in high regard. The people who create the methods and designs are held in particularly high regard, and, like those vegetables, we know we need them. They create and make possible many of our jobs, so we usually treat them with respect, far more than the vegetables. Many of these people are scientists and engineers. They went to college to learn these things, and we believe them to be smart—some are really smart. To be a scientist or engineer takes brains, hard work, and lots of studying.
Well, I think we may have discovered what the political class wants! First and foremost, they want—no, need—a title that deserves respect, praise, and recognition. The only obstacles to obtaining these titles are hard work and actually being really smart. Feeling real good about yourself just won’t get you far in the real world. What a problem. Living in a fantasy world, being brought up in a fantasy world, and resisting every opportunity to join the real world…only one solution comes to mind: create a specialty! They can combine their desire with their lack of talents and call it political science. And since they are superior, their political science is superior and they can “adjust” the public health sciences and endangerment findings to serve their political science.

If you think you are really, really smart and also a scientist of politics, then you are superior to all the other scientists and, of course, the only person suitable to run things. After all, you have a college degree in political science, and so you are, therefore, really smart. And given the amount of self-admiration you have, all others must admire and want you as a leader. Clearly proving that you cant grow up when you receive money in exchange for access, it reminds you of the rewards from the tooth fairy, just for being there. How could that be wrong?

The plan has gone well for several decades because the people of the real world are doing real things, building the wealth of the state and themselves. We use to spend little time and effort watching what the politicians were doing. When the politicians made a really bad mistake, there was enough wealth to correct it without too much pain for the real world people. All this lack of scrutiny and accountability encouraged the politicians. Over time, the political class builds a really large and comfortable hothouse. They have little need to visit the real world. We supply all the nourishment and fill in any shortages of praise. Every few years we are reminded to send more praise, otherwise they may go somewhere else! Not a chance because the truth is they have nowhere to go.

Just like Bernie Madoff’s ponzie, the scheme has a problem. Eventually, inevitably, things go bad. When you depart from the basic tenants of our constitution and representative government, the consequences become dire. The longer you indulge your fantasy world, the more you become more convinced by your hired help and friends bringing tribute, and you miss the telltale signals. Fellow political scientists fade away, you have no interest in why, and the real-world folks grow restless. You become dependent on a smaller and smaller source for praise, and as you fail to deliver on their demands, they too fade away. You are, of course, killing the golden goose. Now all that is left are the few votaries, and they are enablers. Because you have slowly strangled the golden goose, there is nothing more to give. The remaining institutions’ relentless insistence for special “favors” will soon die, too.

We still have elections in this state, and it has been said that money is the mother’s milk of politics. The real world has no more praise for the politicians; the real-world sector is awake and does not seem to want any more of this so-called political science.

Real science has exposed the junk political science as a total fraud. The environmental extortion industry is slithering into the shadows to prepare a new scheme. That leaves the codependent public sector with their begging cup loudly ringing. The political scientist who thinks he is smarter than everyone else finds this a revolting development. This sudden, unanticipated situation is beyond the bounds of his political science. He is nearer and nearer to the day when the well goes dry. The next step for him is to circle around his fellow political scientists and aim for the center.

Our political leaders and their fellow travelers have long championed California as number one in social engineering schemes. After decades of their political science, biased wisdom and self-absorption, they appear to think they are really correct this time too.

When liberal politicians like Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom even gets it and knows what our problems are, you know we are probably too late to fix it. Interestingly, he has gone as far as to develop a report called “An Economic Growth and Competiveness Agenda for California”. The report focuses on 38 ideas, many dealing rightfully with changing or streamlining regulations and government bureaucracies.

If the lefty-greens are allowed to continue to rule, we will be the most in-debt and clueless government bar none, and the first to look for an adult for a bail-out – just like Greeks who forgot the lesson of the golden goose.


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