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Friday, 16 December 2011 10:36

A Not So Wonderful Ending

I just finished the main briefing of the staff at my winter palace. There is much to be done in preparing for the many galas, balls, and festivals we hold for the winter solstice. The trails must be groomed and the tack for the carriages cleaned and polished. The groundskeepers grumble about the difficulty of keeping the fountains operating in the cold and polishing all the statuary. Housekeeping staff is especially difficult this time of year, and I wonder if I will have to reduce their remuneration even more to extract obedience.

In my grandfather’s day, he could use a more direct and invigorating method. Times have changed and not always for the best, which brings me to the subject of my article, a wonderful holiday-themed movie titled, It’s a Wonderful Life. Those of us with some grays have all seen it many times and it has become a part of all our holiday culture and tugs at our very nature and core for its spirit. The plot of the film was based on the rags-to-riches, faithless-to-faithful fantasy storyline.

The new, revised California government version of the film reverses the sequence of George Bailey’s life to better reflect the current condition. In the new government version, Act One begin with a happy family, a gainfully employed dad working in an honorable job with an honorable manufacturing company contributing to the good of the community and concerned for the growth and wellbeing of all. The families have good schools and hospitals with little crime and an abundance of food and relatively clean water and air. The government is small and provides good stewardship based on the concerns and realistic goals of the people. The government workers are from the neighborhood and elected officials serve one or two terms and then return to the private sector from whence they came. This keeps the bond between the people and government strong and healthy with any corrections easy and simple.

Act Two has the people living well and prospering in what seems to be a happy community. This prospering and growing community is about to be challenged in a subtle and devious way. People from within and outside the community seek to have what others have but without the effort and responsibility. They set about destroying this healthy community by using poison. They poison the books, they poison the minds, and they deliberately lie and deceive about the quality of the water and air. They of course do not begin their ruthless destruction openly; they start slowly and quietly and with guile. They take advantage of the goodwill and openness of the people. While the productive people are engaged in work and stewardship of their property, these self-anointed “special people” develop, implement, and insinuate themselves into the community.

Bit by bit, they spread disenchantment and distrust and alter the knowledge and ultimately the history of the community. They infiltrate the academic system from K through PhD. with their one-sided beliefs. The “special” people are ceaseless in telling anyone and everyone that they possess more wisdom and knowledge because they are just plain smarter and have all the facts and science behind them. These elites appeal to the more base human instincts in order to acquire adherents and give the outward appearance of many numbers within the community. This all allows them to advance into government where these would-be rulers reveal themselves. Proclaiming great support they set out to govern using their assumed knowledge and conjured science as justification. In their great self-absorption and ignorance they contaminate the land, water, and air! Their science is contrived and political, not actual science at all.

They begin with small decrees and proclamations on the production of food and nourishment, subjects like what and how much we eat and where it must come from. They regulate and cause diminution of production and regulate more to diminish production all the more. Then they decide the use and distribution of the harvest.

Failure again. This causes bewilderment for them and they abandon their solutions because the solutions may reveal a fact, the reality of their incompetence. They move on.

Having spoiled capitalism and freedoms, they next set about eliminating the basic comforts the community worked long and hard to provide for everyone: energy and water. These “special” people and their fellow travelers and acolytes want to control and distribute the wealth of the community to themselves and their enablers. This is where Act Two ends.

In this new government version, one other thing has changed: It is virtual .You control the ending! Because you ARE the government!

Act Three begins with you, the viewer. Which side are you on?

Do you think a bunch of posers and delusional self-absorbed parasites should decide how you live and the fate of your children? Did you work for all you have to have it taken by this bunch of deceitful, dishonest Fabian socialists? Why should you be standing on the bridge in the darkness and staring into the abyss? Perhaps Clarence the almost-angel will intercede in your behalf, but perhaps not. I believe we should regain that which we worked for and join together to change this downward spiral.

Even though up until now the movie has been disquieting, things are looking up with the news that you, yes you, control the ending of this saga. You see, the reason the original movie has such an endearing and lasting appeal is that it’s about who we are and what we aspire to be. Yes, sometimes we stumble, and struggle is a constant in our effort to advance and achieve. We do these difficult things not just for ourselves but also for our children and our community. We are human and the overwhelming majority of us want what is best for all of us. That’s what is at the core of being human.

Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the black-and-blue, Central Division of the NFL (now the North Division of the NFC) Green Bay Packers said, “If you can accept losing, then you can’t win.” Make no mistake, we are on the winning side of this battle.
In the coming months, we will be required to stay focused and engaged to defeat these creatures of darkness. The great news is that we outnumber them, and we are stronger, more united, and growing every day. This is going to be exciting and rewarding for us all.

Well, I must get back to whipping—oops, I mean, advising—the upstairs maids on the placement of the pillow chocolates. I hope all of you have a happy Christmas at your abode, large or small, with family and friends. In my experience most of the family is usually better off than my staff. In both cases some will over-serve themselves.



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