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Thursday, 13 September 2012 12:37

Living in California, many of us think we know more than those who don’t. Take the idea of “progress” for example. You probably think you know what that means or at least suppose it has some relationship with direction. Because we have the three-time Governor Brown, acting as leader of California, we should correct our misconception of “progress.”

The Sacramento Bee reported Aug. 23 that Union Pacific Railroad unveiled a new LESS POWERFULL, LESS OPERATING RANGE locomotive. Due to Federal requirements for cleaner burning diesel engines the power has been reduced by 25 percent, which means the locomotive lacks the power to cross the Sierra Nevada and of course a reduced range down to 200 miles between fueling. The report also tells us that this “progress” is part of a $20 million investment to meet EPA requirements. I think they took a good locomotive and spent good money to mess it up and reduce all the efforts of the last several decades all to make the EPA feel good.

This time I really mean it, not like before, Yes, I really, really need the money for the kids PDF Print E-mail
2012 Articles
Monday, 13 August 2012 13:07

Our current governor wants you to vote yourself a tax increase this November. He demands you do it because our state needs the money. Gov. Jerry Brown has told us that he looked everywhere and has asked everyone who should know and they all agree we’re broke! No money at all anywhere in any state bank accounts, honest.

It is fortunate for us that we have someone with years of experience and lots of knowledge on stewardship of the people’s money, that is to say our money. With Jerry at the helm what could go wrong? We can count on him to speak the truth because he has a long record of truth telling from those other times he was governor, twice before. Does anyone recall any deceptions or misstatements during those years?

Changing California Easy as Tipping Cows PDF Print E-mail
2012 Articles
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 15:21

First I must correct my last article. I wrote that the Port of Oakland would soon be converting the Alameda Navel Air Station to Port use. I should have written the Oakland Army Supply Depot. I apologize to any of you who went to Alameda in search of work. I can also further report that a preference will be shown for job applicants who reside in Oakland. To qualify as a resident of Oakland you must show proof that you have lived there for 7 days! I suppose this stringent requirement will be strictly enforced.

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2012 Articles
Friday, 15 June 2012 08:35

I spent all day Thursday May 24th at CARB, along with Betty Plowman. The morning was a group of “experts” talking of many perils of black carbon and the immediate need for action based on their “science”.

The fellow from Stanford warned that an unnamed species was a real hazard to Earth and would need to be reduced in order to balance things out. He never mentioned the species but I think we could narrow it down a bit to those with an opposed thumb. Others warned that the Arctic ice pack would melt within 20 years if nothing was done. Regulation is our only choice.

Speaking at the dock of the bay… PDF Print E-mail
2012 Articles
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 12:57

This last month I attended my first meeting at the Port of Oakland, which included representatives from the truck working group, the port, the shippers, the teamsters and longshoreman trades plus the drayage industry.

The concept behind these meetings is to keep the port running smoothly and for the players to stay informed. The Port of Oakland is ranked third in West Coast shipping volume behind Long Beach and Los Angeles in terms of shipping and transportation generates about 14 percent of our state’s economy, so it’s a big piece of the pie.

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